You’re ready to make some changes. You’ve probably found your way to this site because you’re wise enough to know that you need some help making those changes into reality.

Your focus might be on the quality of your relationships, your satisfaction at work, or the enjoyment you want to find in other elements of your life.

You can’t always see your way to reaching what you want on your own. Combining mindfulness, vitality and compassion with the strength of experience and training, I can help you get real traction on the path that is truly yours.

I bring over twenty-five years of experience as a psychotherapist, plus a depth of understanding from being a husband, a father – and a former firefighter-paramedic. Together, we can get you moving forward.

Please take some time in looking at the other information about me and my practice on this website. When you’re ready to take this next step in creating the life you truly want, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.