Your life is for you to create.
I can help you make it happen.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, certified in the District of Columbia, Washington DC. I work with adults in individual and group psychotherapy, and with couples, singly or in a couples group.

Psychotherapy is a place in which deep personal changes occur. You won’t change into someone you’re not — but through psychotherapy, your untapped strengths and capacities can emerge.

The work we’ll do is about being more alive – I emphasize increasing wellness and wholeness, moving out of the old ideas of being broken or ill.
Here are some of the elements of well-being we’re likely to deal with, in ways which move you forward in your life:

  • Putting your own authentic power and vitality into action
  • Increasing creativity in your life
  • Discovering the deep joy and relief in living authentically, honestly, as the “real you”
  • Living a life infused with clarity about thriving and abundance
  • Enjoying the experience of taking relationships to a deeper level
  • Creating and restoring vitality in relationships
  • Unfolding your capacity to really feel your emotions, all of them, more fully and with less fear
  • Moving beyond the pain of the past — physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise
  • Finding your joy in being alive and letting go of outdated, limiting ideas about yourself.

Think of therapy as a tool for shaping and creating the life that you want, rather than fixing something that’s broken. Psychotherapy can help re-shape the habits – habits of thought, as well as actions – that limit your ability to enjoy your life to its full potential. Using an approach that is focused, flexible and creative, these are guiding principles in the work that I do. If this sounds like an approach that appeals to you, I encourage you to email me to set up a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.

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